Monday, April 7, 2008

90's memory #4.

I know i've been slacking on the 90's posts.

Pneumonia has really made me rest... which means i've had tons of blogging time, yay!
I know its going to take time for me to be 100% better, but im doing all i can to get rid of this because it has really been interrupting with my daily life! No work, school.. and most of all, no play time.
Its really hard to say no to hanging with my friends... cause they are all just so damn awesome.
Luckily, i've had my amazing mother in town to help me out a bit (hi mom, i know youre reading).

So yea, pneumonia, cough cough blah blah blah, now back to your regularly scheduled program!!

Let's talk about 90's music videos.

Some of my favorite vids came from Busta Rhymes, TLC, Aaliyah & Prodigy.
But, did you ever notice that many 90's music videos portrayed some sort of futuristic theme?

Here are some of my favezzzzz.

Janet & Busta- What's it gonna be? (1999)
Nuff said.

Missy- The rain. (1997)
I always loved her fat suit.

Jamiroquai- Virtual insanity. (1996)
Blood on the flo' like whoa.

TLC- Waterfalls. (1995)
Not extremely futuristic, but you get the idea. To be honest, i just love everything TLC! The video for unpretty is dope too.

TLC- No scrubs. (1999)
Sorry to post 2 vids from them, but come on.. this was ground breaking. I listened to their LP Fanmail on repeat for months.
This video is insane, especially when Lisa rips it.

Janet & Michael- SCREAM.(1995)
I had to save this one for last.
Do i even need to explain how amazing they are together? This video speaks for itself.
They are champs, forever. Go Jacksons!!!!

So yea, a lot of technology themed things. I think that artists went through this stage simply for the fact that the big 2000 was approaching...

Remember when we thought the world was going to end at midnight in 2000?
All the clocks and computers were meant to go haywire and crash.
Then when that didnt happen, people predicted it was going to happen in 2001.


Peace & Love.

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