Monday, March 3, 2008

bring the funk.

Baile funk is turning into something ill. If you don't know what baile funk is, then you need to find asap. A bunch of my buddies are Brazilian, so for years i've been into a lot of the culture, including the amazing food and funk music. Back in highschool i would always listen to baile funk, which is a really upbeat Brazilian style of music. It's also called Funk Carioca, which began in the 70s. During the last 6 months, many Brazilian artists are coming up in the electro scene. Artists like CSS (even they aren't so much funk) and Bonde Do Role and collaborating with huge names and making awesome electro style bangers.

Take a listen & download some newer stuff:
Bonde Do Role- Soltao Frango

Here are some fun old funk songs, this music is so much fun:

I'm obsessed. There is so much that can be done with this, and i really hope that more electro artists start to incorporate more of these sounds. Recently i've been dropping the occasional baile funk track, just to see how the crowd reacts- and people tend to really enjoy it. The crowd i spin for at my resident spot is kinda tough, so when they vibe with something well.. then i definitely know the music is hot. Also, i've been hearing a recent influx of baile funk in a lot of the Miami clubs.

PS: Here is my FAVORITE baile funk song, =).

Peace & Love.

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