Sunday, March 9, 2008

PSA: making the switch.

No, not from PC to Mac, rofls...

But, from DJ Bana to banaboogie.

For years, all over the internet my user name for everything and anything has been DJ Bana...

Well, as my DJing career is expanding, i've officially changed my name from DJ Bana to just banaboogie.

Im in the middle of changing all my accounts to the banaboogie username, but its not that easy. So, i wanted to give a little announcement just to let people know that the name is banaboogie, =).

This name originated back in middle school... when i realized i was obsessed with bananas & that i
love love love to boogie.

So yes, BANA IS SHORT FOR BANANA. I love monkeys & nanners 4L.
A DJing banana, yup.. thats me!

PS: While on the topic of monkeys, check out this amazing gorilla video that i recorded a couple nights ago with a few friends.

First, watch this:

Here is our remix (I hosted it to my brand spankin' new banaboogie YouTube account):

Peace & Love.


nan said...

doing it big by dropping the DJ prefix!

UhlawnO said...

i have that same banana costume. minus the yellow heels. i love it. and i love bananas, great source of potassium.. and monkeys.. wish i had one, i'd take him EVERYWHERE!

peace be with you banaboogie...

peace be with you.

oneangrytoast said...

murray says: good call. been a long time comin.