Sunday, March 16, 2008

A new man in my life.

So yea, i live by myself and i can't have a dog.... but i knew i needed a pet.

Like i posted a few entries back, i had a hedgehog when i was younger for 5 years. Over the last 3-4 weeks i've been looking at the cutest pics/vids of hedgehogs and realized that i should have one, again.
I went to the same place i bought Sniffler from years ago, they had 5 baby hedgehogs.

Meet my new best friend.
Ladies, I present to you...

My 3 month old bebeh hedgie.

ADD him on myspace to keep up with all his crazy adventures.

Peace & Love.


Derek said...


i love him.

i want to wrap him up in a pita and eat him.

mmm pita.

Betsey J. said...

can you pick them up?

i was actually at a pet store yesterday and saw one.
sooo adorable!