Wednesday, March 26, 2008

i have awful news.

Im sorry to post something upsetting on my blog, but i need to share this with all my readers.

Yesterday around 7pm, sir theodore, my hedgie, passed away.

I really dont know what to say...
I noticed my little boy was wobbling here and there for a couple days, so i decided to research what was going on. I found out that a common disease in hedgehogs is something called WHS, wobbly hedgehog syndrome, yes.. google it, it's legit.

Although little Theo had been acting completely normal, running around, playing, sprinting laps.. you know.. doing his hedgehog thing, he wasnt putting on any weight. I had been making sure he was eating and drinking, since it didnt seem he was doing it on his own.

Often when he woke up, his belly was cold and he seemed weak/wobbly, so i would give him a heating pad and do my best to keep him all snuggly and warm.

Call me crazy, i dont care, but i had a really intense bond with Theo. The 10 days that i had him were awesome. No matter what happened during the day, it was okay because when i came home i would just hang out with Theo, he made me very happy.

I told everyone about him... he even has his own myspace and hes been mentioned on numerous blogs.

It doesnt matter if its a donkey or an ant.., a soul is a soul.. and Theo had a very good soul. My little boy was the best, he gave me amazing vibes and kept me smiling all the time.

When i left the house yesterday morning i woke him up to play with him but just got a really weird feeling about my day. My best friend felt it too, she even texted me around 4 asking if there was something wrong with me... I just didnt feel right. For some odd reason, the first thing i did when i came home was open Theo's cage... only to find him weak and breathing slowly.

He died next to me under a heat lamp, i sat with him for an hour and 1/2 until he stopped breathing...

Ugh. I feel like crap. I wish there was something i could do, but all i can think about are his little legs running around my house, exploring. The place where i got him told me i could have another, but right now i dont want another.. how can i have another Theo? I just dont think it sounds right.. it just wasnt meant to be. I woke up one morning and just decided to get a hedgie, i walked into the store and said i want HIM... he was the one for me!!

Maybe he found peace with me...

I love you Sir Theodore, rest your soul. I appreciate you so much!

Here are some good memories of my little baby.

Sucks, this week is WMC. I've already been going out and doing my thing. Im dedicating the ENTIRE week to Theo... every drink & every smile is for my wobbly little dude.
I will post an update with my WMC shenanigans very soon.

Peace & Love.


yumna said...

you were da best :(

we pour one out for him every night this week<3

TK said...

im sorry :(