Thursday, March 13, 2008

happy/unhappy things.


1. Easter eggs
So, i was at publix doing my grocery shopping when i came across some really really cool colored hard boiled eggs for $1.99.
How cute are these things?

They go well with my kitchen!

2. Easter
While on the topic of Easter eggs, i've realized that I must have an obsession with Easter or something. I mean, i don't even celebrate it, but i've realized i love easter themed stuff. About a month ago i was in Target (one of my favorite stores) and i saw these cute little cups!

I knew Target was selling them just in time for easter, i had to buy two!

3. Target
Speaking of Target... it just rules. I know everyone loves Target... i mean really, how can you go wrong? It is my #1 convenient store.

They even have escalators for your carts... talk about convenience.

4. Green lights
Speaking about convenience, how good does it feel when you get consecutive green lights?
It always puts me in a good mood, especially if im on the way to school.

5. Good parking spots
Speaking of school..... the FAU parking lot BLOWS, along with many other school lots. The trick is to get to school about 5 minutes before previous classes get out, hang out on the side of the lot.. and as soon as that class gets out, youll get the #1 spot.
I feel so good when i get a good parking spot, it starts my day out well.

6. Groovy tunes
All these happy feeling things make me feel like hearing this song:
WHAM!- Wake me up before you go go!

Also, i've been dancing around to this track recently...
Larry Levan- Is it all over my face


1. Red lights
Why is it that when you get 1 red light, ALL the lights are red?
Seriously, this sucks... & it always happens to me if i leave my house at the wrong time.

2. Captchas
Speaking of red lights... captchas suck too! Those stupid computer verification things on myspace and other sites. I didnt even know what they were called until i read the little notice on myspace "blahblah's settings require you to solve a CAPTCHA." It's such an annoying word too, CAPTCHA!! Just scream it out loud, lol, who made this word up? I had to make a new music myspace yesterday, so i sent out some invites... but had to solve about 60 of these things. I have a friend automator, but it doesnt work with those damn things.


Okay so... while on the subject of captchas, i have terrible news... it seems as though Publix has sold out of Cadbury mini chocolate eggs. I blogged about them last week, so it's quite possible that everyone in South Florida saw my blog and bought out the mini eggs. When i have friends over, i let them have my eggs... and now i have none. I had them on my list for Publix yesterday, but all they had was dark chocolate. Also, i went to Target with my dad last week, and they had tons! I picked up a bag and told my dad i was buying them for him, 2 seconds later about 40 chocolate eggs were on the Target floor, =(. The bag must've been open, but i picked every egg up.

Hm, ok well.. not much else to say, thats all!

Peace & Love.


yumna said...

NO MORE EGGS?!!?!?!?!


SiobhanIsEyeris said...

them shits are sold out at most spots in ny too!!! i hate it!!