Monday, March 3, 2008

and no, i ain't been to MIA.

This post is dedicated to the top 5 things i like RIGHT NOW!!

1. The legend. The Man.
Bob Marley

Marley fest was amazing this year. It was my 3rd year & definitely the best.
Bob Marley brings people together,
Chilling. Peaceful. Love. Music.

2. American Boy Ft. Kanye West- Estelle.

This track makes me so happy. I've been listening to it for a while and i just cant stop!
The video is cute too,

Download the song HERE.
3. Time Capsule.

Steve Jobs announced the new product Time Capsule back in January.
I have been waiting on this product since the day it was first discussed.
Basically, its an external hard drive... a wireless one. It comes in the option of 500GBs and 1 TB. (1000 GBs).
Oh wait, i forgot to mention that its ALSO a wireless router (Airport Extreme), which is super fast and has 3 Ethernet ports! Time Capsule is available at any Apple retail store or online.

A wireless tera byte external hard drive router,
Wirelessly: Access your files, backup your hard drive, print, have fuego internet.. etc.

I had to share my love for this awesome machine. Check it out on the Apple website for Time Capsule + many more awesome Apple gadgets.

4. Cadbury's chocolate eggs.

Oh, what a treat.
When it's easter time, i always look for Cadbury's chocolate eggs.

I'm from England, so obviously.. American chocolate doesn't cut it for me.
Every time I travel to England, I bring back bags of goodies, =).
FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY you can experience delish chocolate for under $4,
Look for them in Publix, i guarantee you'll be happy.
5. Mercy Corps.
I love love love this organization.
I've been donating to Mercy Corps for about 2 years now, and i always stay up to date with all of the news they post on their page, along with the action they are taking to help.
I honestly don't like talking blatantly about donating to organizations, but i feel it's important for everyone to take a step back and look at something that they truly feel passionate about and see if there is maybe a way to offer help to those in need.
It can be anything... from saving money for children to have music instruments to cleaning up the beach.
Mercy corps specifically provides aid to to those in poverty and those who are oppressed by helping them grow within their communities,

What i love most about this organization is that with a monthly donation you can choose a specific place that it is going to, like books for children or emergency assistance from natural disasters. It's really cool and there is a lot of great stuff to learn from their website, so check it out HERE.

Peace & Love.

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