Monday, March 3, 2008

90's memory #3.

Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been so busy with exams, work, friends & Marley Fest.
But, i'm on Spring break now, so i'm sure i'll have plenty of blogging material + time, so make sure you bookmark !!

Anyway, i'm a bit behind on my 90's posts, so heres yet another trip down memory lane.

Okay, i LOVED this thing. I remember when Tiger released the girl edition, in pink- i had to cop.
I could never forget this commercial.


These things made it big when Mccully-Culkin used one in Home Alone.

Babybel cheese.

If you know me, you know i hate cheese. You know that i take cheese off my pizza, you know that i'll freak out at the smell of melted cheese, but what you dont know... is that i used to love these things. It took Yumna and I 15 minutes to figure out what the "cheese with the red wax" is called, but we did it! Man, these were so delish. I grew up eating smorgsborgs all the time; fruit, toast, yogurt.. and a babybel cheese on the side. Isn't it funny how your taste buds change as you grow up? I dont think someone could pay me to eat one of these now, but i remember enjoying them as a youngin'.

For my 90's song pick of the week, i choose this.
Boom Boom Boom- The Outhere Brothers
Who didn't love this song? DJs who read my blog, try dropping this during a set, it's def a bumper.

Peace & Love.


UhlawnO said...

Oh my god i remember that commercial soo clearly. It's funny how advertisements back then would actually demonstrate the purpose of their products.. When now all you see are drug commercials of people with herpes riding their bikes on sunny days or fake doctors who speak on behalf of a bullshit weight loss pill thats "scientifically" proven to work. I miss those times.

Betsey J. said...

best cheese ever. i could eat bags of them.

second best cheese, (if you remember) it was the mozzarella cheese that had the seeds in it that came in the braids.