Monday, February 25, 2008

sticky appreciation post.

My biffle (Yumna) & I have a shared obsession for OS X's lovely STICKY application. All of my Apple co-workers question my love for stickies when they see me constantly using them, i don't understand how one could NOT use them. I love them so much that they are even in my dock! (As you can see, i only have a few apps in my dock... which means stickies are pretty exclusive) I used to use them all the time, but then it got really messy.. and i kinda stopped. When i saw that Yumna also uses stickies, i was tempted to start up again...
oh how i love my color coordinated organization.

They never get the Apple-Q, everrrrrrrrrrrrr.

So, to all those that have Macs.. i encourage you to USE YOUR STICKIES!!!
They'll keep you organized.

Just wait for my post about hot corners.....
Apple, thank you for enriching my life.

While i'm on the subject of awesome Apple stuff.. Happy b-day Steve (he turned 53 yesterday)!!
And, tomorrow is yet another awesome Tuesday for Apple..

Peace & Love.


yumna said...

we are sooo ocd.

i love that we can sit in the same room for hours on end making our computer lives as precious as possible.


Fishr Pryce said...

Dude I use Stickies all the time. I also use my Sidekick's notebook thing, but Stickies are by far cooler

Felipe Cardozo said...

One of these days I'm totally going to Apple Q them.