Monday, February 25, 2008

my e-life.

Ive realized that i'm an internet geek.
I've always sat on my computer for hours on end... since middle school.
We had these computers that we used at school, they were made of rubber and had internet explorer, notepad & Word on them. I think i was one of the only kids who actually used this thing at home.. I would wait until my mom would go to sleep so i could plug the Ethernet cable in...
And thats where it all began.

My passion for things like Nike & Music (DJing) began. The internet has been my greatest resource growing up- and it's really starting to get my name out there. I had awesome friends in high school, but i loved coming home and browsing the net and doing music stuff. A few years ago I was posting all over Nike sites like Niketalk & ISS... my posting took me somewhere! I was featured in the magazine Sole Collector and was lucky enough to write an article for them too. I even got a chance to compete in a national sneaker event. Now, im utilizing the webz to promote my music career and honestly, just have a good time (like usual).
Its funny that this is my hobby, the internet, yup.

I always wonder what our generation will be known for, but im pretty sure its going to be the internet revolution decade.

Anyway, ... i've been on all kinds of forums: Nike (Hi Niketalkers ;] ), DJ/ Hip hop element, politics, art/photography, Apple, cars, fashion... ah, theres just so much!! So, now that i finally have my own blog, i just want to blog about everything i've giggled at on the web.. along with other cool stuff that i've liked over the years. So, i've decided to just blog about it no matter how old it is or if you've seen it already.

Starting with this post... I really love crop circles!!!! Don't they just look awesome?

Although crop circles are man made, I love reading about all the crazy alien-like stories.
If there was some kind of agriculturally obsessed alien that made crop circles, i think he'd look like Ed from Men in Black.

Farmer alien!


Peace & Love.


Anonymous said...

i <3 u

Alon said...

ed from men in black. That's some good stuff.

rob said...

couldnt stop laughin about the rubber computer. i only had a regular phone jack in mine tho for my late night secret websurfing sessions....however, i was one of the few who installed aol against school regulations haha. my love for the internet really came to light today tho:

me to b.rian: i love the internet so much i wanna get a tattoo of it!