Tuesday, February 26, 2008

"you don't sound very sorry."

So i have a huge psychology test tomorrow, i thought it would be an awesome idea to kill a Venti Starbucks coffee at 10pm so i could successfully get my study on.
I think that explains why im still awake at 4am (I don't handle caffeine too well)...

I'm all studied out for the evening, so i decided to watch some funny vids.
I've seen this one before, but i had to watch it again.
Im planning on living in Australia for 6 months this time next year..

I really hope to hang out with this kid so he can show me where he bought his sunglasses.

What do you think about his crazy party antics?
Or better yet, what do you think about his "glauuuces?"

Peace & Love.

1 comment:

oneangrytoast said...

haha saw this on hipster runoff. theres a follow up video post of him getting beat up on the beach for being such an ass. link? nah. why ask for things u can just google?