Saturday, February 23, 2008


Yesterday was quite a day, to say the least.
After I DJed on Wednesday night, i injured my eye with my DJ equipment, true story. I was hoping that the following morning my eye would be feeling better, but nope =(. Everything was pretty cloudy and the entire right side of my head was aching. After ditching an exam and telling my manager i was only 1/2 useful, i went to my eye doctor appointment. I severely scratched my cornea,

My eye doctor constructed a nice little eye patch for me to rock so my eye would heal, along with some killer antibiotic eye drops.

Did you know that the cornea is the fastest healing tissue in the human body?

The rest of my day consisted of me bashing into walls and knocking things down.
My friends
Yumna and Derek came by and brought me some comforting toys, including a care bear complete with flower eye patch.
My patch wasn't cute enough, so they sassed it up a bit with their signatures and some glitter.

I think i should write to Steve Jobs and let him know about my fab iPatch.

(too bad you can't see the gold glitter)

On my way home from the eye doctor, i realized how difficult it really is operating with only one eye. It was quite worrying driving on the 95 during rush hour at 30mph in the rain, i dont suggest you try it. My perception on everything for the rest of the day was a bit off, i kept getting really frustrated. I'm beyond thankful to have all of my senses fully functioning. You don't realize what you have until its gone, right? I
ts crazy how little things like this can really alter one's conception on well.. everything.

Oh oh ohhh! This was totally cool. At first i thought i was just seeing weird stuff because my eyes were all confused.. but no.. this was real. On my way home from my eye doctor, look what i saw...

Yup, that's a car with pennies super glued to its butt (on both sides too!).

Peace & Love.

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