Tuesday, February 26, 2008

fashion school, art school.

Ok , i have a couple fun things for this post. I've had a couple music related topics that i've wanted to discuss, so im just going to talk about them all here.

1. I started reading DJ SKEET SKEET's blog a day or so ago. It rules, check it out- he's dope!
Anyway, as i was browsing last night (when i probably should've been focusing on my studies), i came across a post about T2's track, heartbroken. Now, let me tell you a little something about this song.... Yumna and I dance better to it than anyone in the world. This is by far one of my favorite songs, and i dont care if everyone else hates it- i'll drop it forever and ever. Anyway.. we always play it and sing along, even to the mumbling words in the beginning (we've memorized the mumble). But, we've always wondered what the hell the mumble really is.
Now, thanks to Skeet's blog..... i know!

Here is the remixed T2- Heartbroken track.

Here is the Original Heartbroken track.

Fashion school art school fashion school art school. Now we can all sing along!

2. I've been bumping to this "rock out with your cock out" play list for a few days now, it rules.
There are a few hundred songs that i just love and always will, these are just a select few. As you can see, T2 is constantly in rotation.

As you can see, T2 is always in rotation, which brings me to #3.

3. Another track that is constantly bumping my speakers.

Lil Wayne- Pussy Money Weed

Im not a Wayne fanatic, nor am i a hater. I just love him for the fact that hes so out of his mind, and his words crack me up. Listen to this song (and download it HERE ) on repeat a couple times.. really listen to what he's saying, I guarantee you a chuckle or two. I started playing this for all of my friends, and they're hooked too.. hop on the wayne train!

Poor dude, hes definitely looking way older than 25.

But you're awesome!!

P.S: I told ya we're bringing back the slap on bracelets!

snake bracelets are cool too.

Peace & Love.