Sunday, February 17, 2008

daft who?


I knew that all the hype blogs would talk about kanyeXdaftpunk at the Grammys. Its cool that a lot of people are getting into their music because of their recent collab with Mr.west. A lot of fans who have been into DP for a while bitch and complain that all their new fans arent "real" fans. I say, props to Thomas and Guy-Manuel for using their marketing skills to put their music on the map (although, most of their music is just edited 70s music). I didn't want to jump on the bandwagon, but i just wanted to say that for their first live televised show in over a was dope & i'll always love those silly robots, thats all!

oh and,
Edit. The rumors are true, confirmed by brian savage.
This dude has been mistaken for Thomas Bangalter online, its a dopeeee track.
Louis La Roche- LOVE (zshare).
Check his myspace.

Peace & Love.


sh33d said...

What is Daft Punk?!

Alon said...

I think Daft Punk's good. And while it was a good performance, I think its kinda crappy the people needed to see them featured in a Kanye song for them to realize that they're good, and how good they are.

Bana Boogie said...

i completely agree, but hey.. sometimes the best artists go unnoticed, right?

SWITCH™ said...

people forget that busta did a song with them years before kanye did.