Saturday, February 23, 2008

bfast @ kidrobot.

I wonder if its going to be like the Disney character breakfast, where you can meet and greet your fave characters while enjoying some good ol' froot loops. I loved this when i was a kid...

i still love it.. i need to go to Magic Kingdom ASAP and go on my favorite ride, it's a small world.

Just imagine, life sized smorkin' toast? Now, that would be cool...

PS: Thanks, Gabe!!! (check out his blog)

PPS: I'm at home on a Friday night jamming to Somewhere Over the Rainbow- Brother Iz (zshare), i hope this song makes you as happy as it makes me!
Enjoy the free download.

Peace & Love.

1 comment:

gabe said...

hells ya, no prob. ima be there everyone else should be thar two!