Monday, February 18, 2008

90's memory #2.

Doug Funny.

I always find myself singing the Doug theme song. Recently i've been singing it at work ,when im bored,showering... or just chilling. I honestly believe that Doug Funny's theme song is my life theme song. It could have something to do with me dressing up as Quail-man for Halloween one year, maybe ive inherited his life, yay!!
Skeeter & Patty, ilusm !!!!

So, next...
slap-on bracelets.
need i say more?

Yumna and i are bringing them back.

And finally, the 90's song pick for the week.
Missing- Everything But The Girl (zshare).
My dad LOVES this song. I remember we'd always alwaysssssss listen to it in his car.

Step off the train...

Peace & Love.

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Alon said...

Doug was such a character. Always chronicling his thoughts in a journal at the end of the day. And Im sure we've all imagined ourselves as some form of super being. Memories... You shouldve put in Rocko's modern life. I loved that theme song.